Joe Agostinelli is a working professional who has almost a decade of combined experience with Microsoft Office products in both his educational and professional careers. As Joe’s career in the market research and banking industries has progressed, all of his skills have become greatly enhanced. One of these skills that has been advanced the furthest is his ability to create insightful, aesthetically-pleasing, and intuitive reports for the clients with which he has worked.

Joe’s ability to incorporate images, charts, and data into a PowerPoint report is something that can be applied to most situations that require this approach. From students of all ages looking to make an impression on their class and teachers to the adults looking to organize fliers for an event or find a more graphical way to display their expenses or sports statistics from Excel spreadsheets to small businesses seeking a more professional looking report they can proudly show to clients.

Joe is proficient with most versions of PowerPoint, but has the most experience with (and current exposure to) the following:

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 for Windows
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2008 for Mac
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 for Windows